Here’s how it usually works (but I’m flexible):



Step 1: Getting Started

You provide me with the content (text) for your site along with any ideas you might have about how you want the content organized. This will allow me to make an estimate of the total cost.

Developer_48x48Step 2: Design and Revisions

I create a design concept based on your suggestions regarding the organization of the content and any other preferences such as layout, images, colours, etc. that you identify. After the initial design is agreed upon, two revisions are allowed free of charge. Any additional revisions are billed at $30/hour.

Site_48x48Step 3: Finalize and Launch

Once the site is completed you are responsible for the final proofing of the site. Any corrections (but not revisions or additions) will be made free of charge. When everything is finalized the site will be made live on the web.


Website Prices


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