WordPress websites are popular because they allow you to log in and edit the content of your website. Generally, when it comes to content management, there is a trade off between ease of use, on the one hand, and power and flexibility on the other. WordPress sits right at the sweet spot, offering a powerful and flexible web publishing platform that’s also easier to to learn and use than traditional web authoring solutions.



While managing content is easy once the site is set up, setting up an effective WordPress site can be challenging.

I have extensive WordPress experience and I can help you get your WordPress site up and running quickly and easily.

WordPress services include:


Snowe2.1 Icon 10.ico_32x32Theme Selection: WordPress sites are based on themes. Themes determine the look of the site and also what features the site can have. Choosing a theme that is appropriate to your needs is very important.


Configuration: installing themes, setting up the various features available in the theme, installing plugins


customizeCustomization: modifying and replacing of graphic elements of the theme, adding and configuring widgets


Site_32x32Implementation: creating the site on a web hosting server and connecting it to your domain name


UserAdministration: If you would rather not be bothered with modifying your site’s content yourself I can maintain your site for you and make changes as you request them.


tquTraining: If you would like help learning how to manage your WordPress website I can give you the personal instruction you need as you need it.